Game Changers Global Winners

On September 17th, at Dell Technologies Headquarters in Round Rock, an eminent panel of judges, comprised of Marius Haas, President, Chief Commercial Officer of Dell Technologies and GameChangers Executive SponsorMarie Moynihan, Senior VP, Global Talent Acquisition and GameChangers Executive Sponsor, Doug Schmitt, President, Dell Technologies Services and James Mouton, Senior VP & General Manager, Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI), watched the eight global teams present their GameChanging ideas.


Nearly 400 teams from around the world entered GameChangers 2019 entered the contest this year.

Wellat solution for Dell han been announced the winners of GameChangers 2019!

With a corporate app and corporate bracelet, Wellat aims to make Dell the #1 Healthiest company in the world with their Health and Fitness App.


Our combined vision:

Being healthy is more than being in good shape. It’s about having energy, feeling good, connecting with the rest of the world to be the best you can be. That’s why we want health and well-being to be part of our culture on innovation and winning together.


We want health and well-being to be part of our culture on innovation and winning together. We’ll achieve these by incorporating:

    • Branded App
    • Branded devices
    • Corporate gamification


  • Branded App

To increase participation in healthy lifestyle, we have developped Well@Dell app: a Health and well-being App to inspire, engage and reward employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle, improving team members’ health and satisfaction, while company saves money.

Well@Dell App is using latest emerging technologies as Machine Learning, AI, Predictive Analysis and Real time health indicators to provide a health and well-being solutions:

    • 100% personalized for every individual employee
    • Gamification & Rewards
    • Meal Plan
    • Fitness Plan

  • Branded devices

The App allows the employee to connect a wearable to know their own health indicators such us Heart rate, Electro CardioGram, Heart Rate Variavility analysis, Blood Preassure, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitoring, Calories and Steps.

All data is encrypted and secured so that only the employee can access their own data and only points are being share across rest of the employees.

Employees can integrated the corporate branded bracelet or connect their own wearables to the App.

This is the customized packaging for branded devices:


With logo printed on the devices too:

  • Corporate gamification

Employee earns points every day for enjoying a healthy life by:

    • Being active by tracking steps
    • Being balance by having a good sleep time
    • Eating well and Unlocking workouts

Employee can Access the Ranking on most active employees and filter by region, country, department and Employee can even define their own community and invite Friends.

Company can define their own challenges and rewards more active employees. Employees are recognized by being healthy and will get tips for extra motivation to increase participation so well being is part of every Dell Technologies team member.


Wellat’s employee well-being solution helps employees create habits that matter so they can be their best at work and home. Contact us or request a free demo today!