Wellat  Challenge 

The healthy business competition 

With Wellat Challenge we are committed to a healthy lifestyle, inside and outside the office, directly influencing that of the largest capital of a company, human capital.

5 different modalities

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We build healthy companies

We offer a flexible solution that aligns with each company’s values, culture and goals, while motivating employees to lead active and healthy lives.

Corporate app

Health and well-being App to inspire and engage with employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve employee’s health and satisfaction, while the company saves money.


Employee knows their own healthy indicators (Heart Rate, Blood Preasure, Blood Oxygen, Steps, Sleep…) and can meassure their progress and milestones.

Customized Service

To promote goals and healthy challenges to employees aligned to the company’s objectives.

Eating plan

The most powerful healthy eating platform on the market to promote healthy eating habits and discover what to eat, based on a nutritional questionnaire and dietary preferences.

We reward effort

Ranking of the most active employees, being able to filter by department, office, country …

Training plan

Fun and varied that adjusts to the physical condition of each person. From training programs to perform at home and without material, to full-body HIIT, to perform in the gym or with equipment.

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