Wellat Challenge


The healthy business competition

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Wellat Challenge


The healthy business competition

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72 places left free.

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With Wellat Challenge we are committed to a healthy lifestyle, inside and outside the office, directly influencing that of the largest capital of a company: people.

CCompete virtually with your colleagues and other departments of your company, and make your company the 1st in your city or even country. 


  • Competition date: from November 2 to 30.

Registration open until October 30.

¡Hurry up, free registration for the first 100 companies!


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    We promote a healthy online competition between companies, in 5 modalities:


    1. Healthy nutrition


    2. Physical exercise


    3. Steps


    4. At ease


    5. Healthy habits


    What do you need?

    • To participate, employees will only need to install the Wellat App on their mobile phone.
    • We automatically detect hours of sleep, steps and time of physical activity. We allow you to configure your own meal plan.
    • We allow you to connect with activity wristbands (Wellat or another manufacturer) to obtain more accurate health data. Check here the supported bracelets.

    What will each participant get?

    • A personalized nutritional and physical activity analysis
    • A flexible healthy eating planner
    • Access to over 1,000 healthy recipes
    • Training plan with video sessions, without equipment, to be able to do from anywhere
    • Record of your physical activity
    • Daily progress of steps, sleep, time of physical exercise, …
    • Graphs of evolution of health indicators (heart rate, steps, hours of sleep, …)
    • Daily rewards (points, medals, leveling up …)

    What includes?

    • Daily goals. Entertaining and motivating.
    • Individual, team and company ranking
    • Challenges for each modality
    • No geographical limit, connecting all the employees of your company in the world
    • Diploma for participating and winning companies
    • Technical support


    • Inscription FREE for the first 100 participating companies.
    • Participating company general admission: 500€.
    • Bracelet Wellat (50€). Optional. Consult previously delivery period.